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Door Anchor

€9,00 €14,90 -39%

There's not much to see here! Just a super practical door anchor that you simply place between the door and the frame and then do countless exercises with your Body Toner Bar and the Resistance Bands with the door closed 🤩

That's in for you

A door anchor for you that is extra thick and robust ⚓️ This way you neither make dents in your door nor have problems exchanging the resistance bands for different difficulties of the exercises. The door anchor is packed in a practical mesh bag that matches your Loona product family visually.

your workout

“Small but mighty” has rarely been a better fit. The Door Anchor expands your possibilities with push and pull exercises from all angles. Whether you place the Door Anchor at the top of the door and train your back with pull exercises for women, or attach the Door Anchor to the base of the door for a workout for a defined and elegant chest and shoulders.

Our e-book shows you exactly which exercises you should do to achieve the desired results. As always, adapted to your possibilities and energy reserves according to cycle phases 😊

Happy Workout!