What payment methods do you offer?

The following payment methods are available in our shop: credit card, PayPal, Sofort by Klarna, Klarna purchase on account and EPS.

To which countries can I have your products delivered?

You can order from us from all over Europe. Please note, however, that delivery costs outside of Germany may vary.

How can I contact you?

You can write to us directly here in the chat at any time.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact our Customer Care Team via WhatsApp at

+49 178 5748107

How do I find out about new products or special offers?

If you always want to be up to date and don't want to miss any new workouts, new products or special offers, please sign up for our newsletter.

Where can I find free workout inspiration?

Check out our newest workout platform Loona Motion a!

here it goes directly to free workouts.

How do I wear the bracelets correctly?

To ensure that the bracelets sit comfortably on your wrist or ankle, you put the bracelet on like a piece of jewelery without pushing your wrist through the loop, but rather wrap it around your wrist.

here you will find a small how-to-wear video.

How much do the bracelets weigh?

The bracelets have a weight of 0.5 kg per bracelet. If you train with both bracelets, you get a total additional weight of 1 kg.

What can I best use the bracelets for?

You can wear the bracelets in everyday life to activate your body in between or you can use them to intensify your workouts such as barre workouts, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, jogging, boxing, or full-body workouts.

Some We have inspiration for you here compiled

Can I take the bracelets into the water?

We do not recommend taking the bracelets into the water as the water may damage the velcro and thus limit the hold of the bracelets

How much does the Body Toner Bar weigh and how do you use it?

The Body Toner Bar alone weighs 500g without the bands. The bar consists of two parts and is screwed together in the middle. You only need to rotate part of the two components.

How much weight does the resistance of the Body Toner Bar bands correspond to?

The resistance of the Body Toner Bar bands is 5kg, 10kg and 15kg per side.

With the Stronger Bands Set you can even achieve a resistance of 20kg and 25kg per side.

Please note: per side means that the real resistance has to be taken twice.

Is the Body Toner Bar suitable for all body sizes?

The Body Toner Bar is best suited for a height of 158-182cm, but even if you are slightly smaller/larger you can still train with the bar. You should only pay attention to the best possible execution (shoulder-width stance, abdominal tension, back straight).

Why does the Body Toner Bar have sleeves?

We have designed the Body Toner Bar bands in such a way that the sleeves serve to protect the elastic bands within the sleeve as well as to protect your skin from unpleasant contact with the elastic and thus enable you to train even better.

How do I find the center of the Body Toner Bar?

After the bands are hooked with the snap hooks, stand on the band with your feet. Raise the bar onto your shoulders and stand on the middle of the bands. If necessary, lift your hook slightly and readjust the middle of the straps under tension.
Under this link you will find a short explanatory video.

How much resistance do the Shaping Straps have?

The resistance of the Shaping Straps is comparable to 9 kg (green), 15 kg (pink) and 22 kg (black) when fully loaded.