How can loona help you?

Our unique fitness method helps women lose weight in a healthy way, strengthen their muscles in the long term and build a more intensive relationship with their own bodies.

Increase your activity

Regular exercises help to increase your health level in the long term, our method helps you to stay motivated.

feel better

We focus on optimizing your results, helping to reduce your stress level in order to make you feel better in the long term.

Guaranteed results

Our method is based on resistance training and ensures that your muscles are continuously activated. We help you to become stronger and more energetic.

What is Loona

Loona is a unique training that helps you to live healthier and more balanced in the long term. Our equipment has been optimized to the requirements of the female body in order to train as efficiently and healthily as possible.

How it works

Loona is a low impact functional movement concept. We only use gentle equipment that helps to support your body in its natural movement and promote weight loss and sustainable muscle building. Our trainers will guide you through each workout from start to finish, making sure you get both the guidance and the motivation you need. Each workout is a closed concept and developed with training and health experts.

ready to change your life?

Start today with our bestseller program and the associated equipment.