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Hula hoop

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The effective cardio and strength workout for women

No kidding - circling your hips with the Hula Hoop is also worthwhile in adulthood! By training with our stylish hula hoop, you primarily strengthen the important muscles in the core of the body and activate your cardiovascular system. And the best of all: You can easily Hullern anytime, anywhere, by the way. Whether you are on the phone, watching TV, brushing your teeth or applying make-up - you decide! But one thing is clear: the fun of your hula training is guaranteed!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Firm skin & flat stomach: Through the intensive custom training, you get closer to your summer body step by step!
  • Strengthened core muscles: Through the rhythmic circular movements you strengthen your core muscles, which ensure an upright gait and balance of your body!
  • Calorie killer: With the powerful hip circles you can really boost your calorie consumption. The sore muscles are worth it! 
  • Increased stamina: You improve your stamina through regular hulling. So it pays to stay tuned!
  • Fun: Are fun and sport opposites for you? Then try the training with the Hula Hoop and let yourself be convinced of the opposite! 

Technical specifications

  • Easy to take apart 
  • 85-95cm long (7-8 parts) 
  • about 1kg in weight
Color Variants
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