Our formula for success

Our unique fitness method helps women lose weight in a healthy way, strengthen their muscles in the long term and build a more intensive relationship with their own bodies.

achieve your goals

Our innovative products, specially designed for the female body, help you to achieve your training goal.


Learn how to move your body the way it was designed to reduce pain, improve balance, and build strength.

  • Jasmine Lehman

    Fitness Athlete & Influencerin

  • Kim Komnenic

    Personal trainer, weight loss expert and influencer

  • Nils Freiberg

    Founder Loona

    Fitness Expert

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Test easily

Our satisfaction guarantee gives you a free return policy of up to 30 days after ordering.

Convenient delivery

Free shipping throughout Germany. Fast and uncomplicated delivery with our logistics partner DHL.

Recyclable packaging

The Loona packaging box is made entirely of sustainable material and is 100% recyclable.